I’ve worked with Susan many times on different projects that come up. She is always very responsive to my requests, meets all of my deadlines, and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her services, she’s very knowledgeable and professional!

Sharon Salashan, Inc.

Susan Lucibello is a simply outstanding VA. After hiring badly (and repeatedly) prior to meeting her, I know how hard it can be to find an assistant of her calibur. Efficient, thorough, very hard-working, she’s a whiz at “all things admin”. In addition, her integrity and discretion are beyond reproach, which is another invaluable, hard-to-find quality when hiring.

Susan is not only great with administrative tasks, she’s an amazing people person, too. She has stellar communication skills, and she made my clients feel at ease, put out fires skillfully, and handled tricky customer’s with grace under pressure.

I can’t recommend Susan highly enough. If you get the chance to work with her, snap her up!

Wendy Hart
Speaker and Performance Coach

Dear Susan,
You have been a real lifesaver for us in our business! It was quite a transition for us to trust someone else with the critical details- would you mess up? Would our business be wrecked?

But, after starting to work with you, all those doubts just melted away. I was blown away by how easily and quickly you picked up complex tasks and projects, and how proactively and quickly you dealt with it all- way more efficient than I ever was with them. I could just rest easy knowing you were handling those things.

And, what’s more- you cared. Which is a big deal. We care so much about our business and our clients, that to have someone who brought that sense of caring to it… I kinda run out of superlatives- just thank you so much!

As we transitioned to hiring full-time on-location help, the biggest sadness in what is an exciting growth period for us (which would never have gotten to without your help), is that we aren’t interacting with you as much. My wife Holly and I said to each other many times: “Okay, whomever we hire has to be as good as Susan. She’s the standard.”

I hope you’ll always let us be on your client list for when we need backup. Thanks again for all your help, we truly wouldn’t be where we are now without the care and skill you brought to us.

With deep gratitude,
Mark Silver and Holly Glaser

Susan is the answer to every busy businessman and woman’s prayers!

Prompt, professional, and dedicated – she delivers WAY beyond the call of duty and has added immeasurably to my own bottom line (not to mention my personal sanity) as a busy business owner.

Having someone to whom I can delegate important details (and never have to think twice about them again) has been absolutely invaluable. Working with Susan has freed me up to focus on my own personal strengths, other important projects and have the ability to consistently develop my business. Whatever fees I’ve paid her have come back to me TENFOLD in terms of profitability and productivity in the last three years.

Susan has shown a dedication to my success that is reminiscent of a ‘business partner’ and – truly – in many ways she is just that to me. Her solid skill set, resourceful nature and dedication to excellence is rare; any savvy professional would be wise to get her in your corner.

Sonia Stringer, Owner
Savvy Biz Solutions, Inc.
San Diego, CA

I’ve worked with Susan Lucibello for 5 years and counting. She’s been there since ‘before the beginning’ and has grown with me and my companies. Susan is an exceptionally skilled VA who functions at a high level across several areas. She is accessible, dependable, unwaveringly kind and efficient. She takes innumerable tasks off my plate, is accountable for her work and always professional. Our members and customers value her service-minded attitude and “can’t wait to meet her in person” at our national conference. Susan cares about my companies as if they’re her own – a rare and trustworthy partner.

Sue Ludwig OTR/L
President and Founder
National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT)
Co-Founder Infant-Driven Feeding® LLC

I have been working with Susan since 2010. She gets the way I think and understands that I’m going to change my mind several times when we’re working on a project. I say WE because she runs the whole back of the boat, from auto-responders and sales pages to customer service and maintaining my membership program. All I have to do is create the content and show up to do my best work.
Ruth Davis Mac2School www.mac2school.com