Project Description

Dear Susan,
You have been a real lifesaver for us in our business! It was quite a transition for us to trust someone else with the critical details- would you mess up? Would our business be wrecked?

But, after starting to work with you, all those doubts just melted away. I was blown away by how easily and quickly you picked up complex tasks and projects, and how proactively and quickly you dealt with it all- way more efficient than I ever was with them. I could just rest easy knowing you were handling those things.

And, what’s more- you cared. Which is a big deal. We care so much about our business and our clients, that to have someone who brought that sense of caring to it… I kinda run out of superlatives- just thank you so much!

As we transitioned to hiring full-time on-location help, the biggest sadness in what is an exciting growth period for us (which would never have gotten to without your help), is that we aren’t interacting with you as much. My wife Holly and I said to each other many times: “Okay, whomever we hire has to be as good as Susan. She’s the standard.”

I hope you’ll always let us be on your client list for when we need backup. Thanks again for all your help, we truly wouldn’t be where we are now without the care and skill you brought to us.

With deep gratitude,
Mark Silver and Holly Glaser