What is an Online Virtual Assistant?

Online Virtual Assistants are VA’s, or self-employed professionals who work from their own home offices, providing off-site administrative and online support and other specialized services to large and small businesses, as well as home-based offices and individuals. Today’s technology enables more and more people to successfully work together virtually. By partnering with each client, they learn their client’s needs and work closely with them to build their business and create more free time.

Who would work with a Virtual Assistant?

Almost anyone can benefit from using a VA – the potential list is endless. A busy individual or entrepreneur whose time is more valuable spent developing new business and promoting their product and themselves. For smaller companies and start-ups who are not quite in the position yet to hire support staff or just for that occasional administrative work.

Companies that have had lay offs or have cut back on full-time staff. Or just for that periodic project that requires immediate attention.

Traveling business people or sales reps whom need office support or to have a project completed while they are away.

Real Estate Agents who would like someone to organize mail outs or keep track of their contact database.

How much do Virtual Assistants charge?

Prices vary according to the type of project and the skills and technology required to complete it. VA’s usually charge on an hourly basis for services that range from $45 to $95 an hour. Discounts are usually offered for long-term contracts and retainer services. When you compare the costs of using a VA versus a temp or full time Administrative Assistant, it is a much more cost effective business solution.

Why use a Virtual Assistant instead of a temp or full-time employee?

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you pay only for the time and services you require and use. A VA handles your business remotely from his or her own office. So there are NO costs with overhead, employer taxes and benefits, training or downtime. Every time you hire a temp, you will probably get a different person – the time and money spent to train this new person can be saved by hiring your own VA.

What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

  • No additional office space or equipment required

  • No interviewing, hiring or training a new employee

  • No social security taxes, health and/or life insurance

  • No salary, vacation/holiday or sick pay

  • You have an assistant who cares about your business as much as you do

  • You have access to a highly skilled professional

  • You pay only for the time spend on your specific project

  • You will be able to manage your time more efficiently

  • You will be able to concentrate on growing your business

  • You will have more time to enjoy family and friends

How do you work with a Virtual Assistant?

Communicating with a Virtual Assistant is fast and easy. Projects are communicated mostly by e-mail, but can also be sent via fax, mail, telephone or courier. Simply email, fax or phone through the specifications of your project and your VA will do the rest.

To ensure a new client is comfortable working with us, we always start on a small job to show what we can accomplish in a virtual environment. This is a valuable way to build trust and loyalty with new customers. Once our client is comfortable with our working arrangement, we begin a contractual relationship.